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Amanda Erich Hansjürgen Neumayer-Stiftung is dedicated to people.

We respect, support and protect people.
We are open, and we have the courage to make decisions.
Our heart is in it.

We work both in a funding and an operational capacity on issues such as „supporting children and families”, „developing talent – rewarding achievement“, „providing support in difficult situations“, „giving expression to life“ and „experiencing culture“. Amanda Erich Hansjürgen Neumayer-Stiftung also embodies its guiding principles in projects that focus on people who are socially disadvantaged across generations and on groups or issues that otherwise do not reach the public’s attention.

From Hausach across the world and back again

We are committed to a society that is characterised by social cohesion and equal opportunities, where people are there for each other and take responsibility.

As a foundation, we believe that we have a responsibility to contribute to a healthy and engaged society – a society where social cohesion is based on the supporting pillars of participation, inclusion, respect, a love of democracy and charity.

We focus our activities on the place where our founder recognised a need for action many years ago: on our own front door. However, our commitment mustn’t stop there, which is why we support charitable project work in Germany and abroad.

Dedicated to people

In line with the vision of our founders, we respect, strengthen and support people to enable them to play an active role in society.

We are convinced that education and personal development are an important foundation for nurturing personal strengths and avoiding serious social problems.

Through local charity work, NEUMAYER STIFTUNG helps people in Hausach who find themselves in acute emergency situations. We understand charity in the truest sense. We take action and we are a supportive partner.

A supportive and challenging friend

We strongly believe that active, healthily functioning parts have positive effects on the organic whole. We look at the big picture, and it is with this understanding that our support becomes effective in society.

Our work is personal, reliable and local, and focused on the people themselves. We are a supportive and challenging friend who makes an active contribution to success.