The assets of Amanda Erich Hansjürgen Neumayer-Stiftung currently amount to around 190 million Euro.

The foundation has so far exclusively financed its projects from returns generated from external and internal investment management.

Amanda Erich Hansjürgen Neumayer-Stiftung makes broadly diversified investments with the aim of long-term stability and long-term capital maintenance in real terms, so capital market fluctuations do not have a negative impact on the foundation’s activities and funding.

Extract from our articles of association

As a not-for-profit foundation, Amanda Erich Hansjürgen Neumayer-Stiftung is supervised by Freiburg Regierungspräsidium [regional council]. The foundation’s work is always guided by the intentions of the founding family. The following extracts from the articles of association of Amanda Erich Hansjürgen Neumayer-Stiftung reflect the guidelines that we follow.

The purpose of the foundation is

a) The advancement of education and personal development – including the advancement of training and further training of women and men who were either born in Hausach and the surrounding area or who live there at the time of the support,

b) The advancement of art and culture, as well as science and research,

c) The pursuit of charitable objectives, including alleviating suffering of people in need who were born and/or are resident in Hausach and the surrounding area. The beneficiaries must satisfy the requirements of §53 AO [Fiscal Code of Germany] 1977,

d) The advancement of public health services and public health care, and

e) The advancement of youth welfare and care of the elderly


Support can be provided as a one-off benefit or as on-going support.

The purpose of the foundation can also be realized by auxiliaries, and achieved both through activities within the meaning of § 58 (1) AO, as well as within the meaning of § 58 (2) AO.

The purpose of the foundation must be served at all times and in the long term.


The foundation exclusively and directly pursues charitable objectives within the meaning of the paragraph on „Tax-privileged purposes“ of the Fiscal Code of Germany.

The foundation operates for the public good. It does not primarily serve its own economic purposes.

The foundation’s funds may only be used for the purposes in accordance with the articles of association. No benefits shall be provided for any person by means of expenditure unrelated to the purpose of the foundation or disproportionately high remuneration.


The bodies of the foundation are

a) the Executive Committee,
b) the Board of Trustees.


The supervisory authority is the Regierungspräsidium [regional council] in Freiburg.

In accordance with the legal provisions, annual accounts with an overview of assets and the report on fulfilment of the purpose of the foundation must be presented to the supervisory authority for foundations.