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Project initiator:

wellcome gGmbH

wellcome is a social enterprise operating throughout Germany. It supports, advises and networks parents so that their children can grow up healthy.

The core offer of wellcome is “practical help after birth”, a support offer for parents by volunteers. It offers families relief in the first year after the birth of their child, regardless of income, marital status, nationality or a verifiable social or medical indication.

Project description:

40 teams of wellcome gGmbH with around 730 volunteers support young families in Baden-Württemberg during the challenging time after the birth and provide help that relieves the burden of everyday life – just as family, friends or neighbours normally do. They ensure that parents can get some well-deserved rest, devote themselves to their siblings or take a little time out for themselves.

Due to the Corona pandemic, volunteer work came to a complete standstill. The pilot project “Digital implementation of appreciative measures to retain volunteers in Baden-Württemberg” aims to develop and test digitalised measures for accompanying communication between the site coordinators and the volunteers.


Children do well when parents do well.

Mission statement

Project aims:

Development and testing of digitalized measures for the accompanying communication of site coordinators and volunteers for the purpose of retaining volunteers in Baden-Württemberg in pandemic times.

Project location:

Baden-Württemberg, state coordination office of wellcome

Project start:

February 2021

Project target group(s):

Site coordinators and volunteers of wellcome gGmbH at the Baden-Württemberg site.

Aim of the funding:

Implementation of the pilot. The results of the pilot project are to be made available to the NEUMAYER STIFTUNG and can provide valuable impulses for other project partners.

Type of funding:

Funding the digital implementation of volunteer retention measures.

Duration of funding:

February 2021 – January 2022

Contact details of the project initiator:

wellcome gGmbH
Hoheluftchaussee 95
20253 Hamburg
Email: info@wellcome-online.de