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Project initiator:

Geburtshaus Freiburg e. V.

The initiative “Geburtshaus Freiburg e. V.” – consisting of a group of midwives, professionals and activists – wants to re-establish the freedom of choice of the place of birth by establishing a birth centre in the city and to enable women, parents, families and children in Freiburg to have a safe and self-determined birth.

Project description:

The planned birth centre offers families the opportunity to give birth to their child in a facility outside the hospital – self-determined, with little intervention and accompanied by midwives.

What a wonderful mystery is the entrance of a new human being into the world.

Leo Tolstoy

Mission statement

Project aims:

Families are cared for 1:1 by a midwife in the completed birth centre during the phases of pregnancy, birth and puerperium, and also have a place afterwards to find out about topics relating to relationship and attachment-oriented family life and to exchange ideas with other parents.

Project location:

Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg

Project start:

October 2020

Project target group(s):

Pregnant women and “expectant” families in and around Freiburg

Aim of the funding:

Conversion of an existing property to meet the needs of the Freiburg birth centre.

Type of funding:

Proportionate financial support for the conversion.

Duration of funding:

October 2020 – completion of the birth centre

Contact details of the project initiator:

Geburtshaus Freiburg e. V.
Münsterplatz 32
79098 Freiburg
Email: info@geburtshausfreiburg.com